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MOBS History

Mickey Owen Baseball School

Explore the rich history of Mickey Owen Baseball School.

Mickey Owen was born on April 4th, 1916 in Nixa, Missouri. Mickey played 13 years in the MLB, where he debuted for the St. Louis Cardinals on May 2nd 1937. He played his final game September 11, 1954 for the Boston Red Sox. Mickey was a 4 time All-Star during his Major League Baseball career. Mickey also served in the Navy during World War 2.

He founded the Mickey Owen Baseball School in 1959 on Historic Route 66 near Miller, Missouri. Mickey sold the school in 1963 to the Rizzo family where he stayed as an instructor until the 1980’s. Mickey Owen Baseball School, MOBS, has a history of outstanding alumni many of them household names including Michael Jordan, Joe Girardi, and even Charlie Sheen, not to mention the countless other great alumni the school has hosted.

Where tomorrow's players are learning-by-playing!

The Mickey Owen Baseball School will make its return in the Spring of 2024.

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